Community Action

Multi-Service Center is one of 30 Community Action Agencies throughout Washington State, and more than 1,000 in the nation. Washington State Community Action Partners (WSCAP) works to build healthy communities and eliminate poverty through a unified network of Community Action Agencies across Washington State.

Building Community in Washington State

As Washington State’s largest community-building network, WSCAP is a nonprofit association of 30 agencies serving all 39 counties in the state. Each Community Action Agency responds to the unique needs of its community. For more than 40 years WSCAP has served low-income individuals and families through programs, partnership and advocacy. WSCAP works across multiple fields including housing, employment, education, emergency food, health care and senior care. Community Action Agencies support more than 40 programs including HeadStart, weatherization, and financial planning, just to name a few.

From emergency food assistance to transitional housing or legal aid, Community Action Agencies provide vital support when it is needed most. Community Action Agencies are also major employers in their communities and combined, spend $202 million every year on local employment and services.

Part of a National Network

Multi-Service Center is part of a national network of more than 1,000 organizations. Every year, Community Action Agencies around the country help more than 13 million people. By working together across local, state, and national levels, Community Action Agencies are leveraging resources to eliminate poverty and change lives. The national Community Action Network was created in 1964 under the Economic Opportunity Act, signed into law under President Lynden Johnson.

A Spirit of Service

Community Action is a spirit of service. We believe that everyone deserves a chance and that connected neighbors create healthy communities. Community Action Agencies provide local solutions to local problems. We believe in the power of partnership to help people and change lives. Community Action Agencies are more relevant than ever as the nation experiences the fallout from the economic downturn.