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Multi-Service Center welcomes media inquiries regarding our work in the South King County community. Media inquiries should be directed to:

Robin Corak, CEO or Sarah McNiesh, Development Director
[email protected]

Making a game plan

“At times it can be difficult to be a champion for someone who doesn’t see it for themselves and some people don’t have any support,” Julie shares. “But, when you see people have success and [...]

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Volunteering as a second career

“Volunteering makes me happy,” shares Chang. Even though he’s retired, 73-year-old Chang continues to work almost full-time; however, it’s not a paid position. Chang is a valued volunteer in MSC’s food bank. You can usually [...]

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Back on my feet

“I grew up in shelters. It was really hard and stressful and I didn’t want to follow the same path with my kids. I didn’t ever picture myself being homeless when I grew up,” shares [...]

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Making a change in life

“I’m a proud father with my kids in college,” Jermaine shares, “but you know what? They told me they are proud of me for making this change in my life.” He is the father of [...]

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Superheroes sometimes need help too

Skyler is a real-life superhero and goes by SkyMan. He feels a strong sense of serving his community through inspiration and peer support. Skyler’s sense of purpose as a real-life superhero and duty to help [...]

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They got us a home

“MSC helped us a lot and is still helping us. They got us a home. Our MSC case manager is always the first person I call,” shared Takisha. In August 2018, Takisha’s family lost their [...]

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