Volunteering as a second career

“Volunteering makes me happy,” shares Chang. Even though he’s retired, 73-year-old Chang continues to work almost full-time; however, it’s not a paid position. Chang is a valued volunteer in MSC’s food bank. You can usually find him at the check-out station during food bank open hours, but he also helps with sorting, stocking, and other [...]

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The next Warren Buffet

At “22 years young,” Renorldo has a crystal clear vision for his future. “In five years, I hope to be the next Warren Buffet,” he shares. “The company you keep has a lot to do with the outcome you will see. You can’t let your environment get the best of you. You have to surround [...]

It’s a Family Thing

“I want my family to realize they are blessed and that some people have more needs than us, especially needs to survive like food,” says Hedi, “It is fun, it’s a family thing, it is making a difference in the community, connecting to others and transforming our own lives by having a sense of purpose.” [...]

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Making Residents Feel Special

Earlene has been volunteering with the King County Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program for almost eight years. “I got involved because I saw a lot of older people not being able to advocate for themselves, they weren’t speaking up for themselves. There are also a lot of older people that are put into places and their [...]

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Finding Value

Finding Value “Today, my sense of self, self-esteem, and confidence has risen 300% compared to when I first walked into MSC’s lobby for employment support. That’s because, in addition to the work exposure, I am regarded as a valuable being,” shared Bee Bee. Bee Bee was familiar with MSC. She had used MSC’s [...]

Volunteering changes a life

Volunteering changes a life Ten years ago, Corrina’s life changed forever when a car accident left her with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). At the time of the accident, Corrina was married with four children ages 9-19 years old. She worked three jobs with the school district and her family was financially stable. [...]

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Delivering hope

Delivering hope For the last fifteen years, Hank has played an invaluable role in getting food into the hands of those who need it in Federal Way. He’s a driver for MSC’s Federal Way Food Bank. Two to three mornings a week, he gets up early and goes to local grocery stores and [...]

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It’s a Joy

“When you are in a community, you need to give back. I thought Multi-Service Center was a good place to give back to the community and I was right,” shares Karen DelGrosso when asked about why she volunteers with Multi-Service Center (MSC). For almost thirteen years, Karen has volunteered in the food bank at MSC.  [...]

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Feeding the Soul

Sarah was walking down the hall of the nursing home when a partially opened door caught her eye. She saw the name of a man and a woman on the door that she did not recognize. As a volunteer Long-Term Care Ombuds, she regularly visited residents to make sure their needs were being met and [...]

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AmeriCorps volunteer provides help, hope, and change

"Their willingness to be open and put aside bad experiences and trust me, it's changed me. I'm more compassionate. I don't want to let them down," shares Julie Tran. Julie is a MSC Education and Employment Support Specialist and an AmeriCorps volunteer. Julie leads GED prep courses and community workshops on financial empowerment. She is [...]

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