A Real Bed

“For the first time in eight years, I have my own real bed,” shares Lola. Lola had worked for years with a local hotel chain and was doing okay, making ends meet at least, until the day she started to get sick. It turned out that the hotel had a mold problem, and it was [...]

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Feeding the Soul

Sarah was walking down the hall of the nursing home when a partially opened door caught her eye. She saw the name of a man and a woman on the door that she did not recognize. As a volunteer Long-Term Care Ombuds, she regularly visited residents to make sure their needs were being met and [...]

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AmeriCorps volunteer provides help, hope, and change

"Their willingness to be open and put aside bad experiences and trust me, it's changed me. I'm more compassionate. I don't want to let them down," shares Julie Tran. Julie is a MSC Education and Employment Support Specialist and an AmeriCorps volunteer. Julie leads GED prep courses and community workshops on financial empowerment. She is [...]

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Businesses needed for MSC Summer Meals Drive

Summer means less access to food for many children in our community. Families who receive free and reduced meals at school struggle to find a way to replace those meals during school vacation months. It is also a time when food bank resources are low. Local businesses and organizations can help ease this burden by [...]

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