Back on my feet

“I grew up in shelters. It was really hard and stressful and I didn’t want to follow the same path with my kids. I didn’t ever picture myself being homeless when I grew up,” shares 35-year-old Janel. Janel is mom to a 17-year old boy, 15 and 7-year old girls, and has another on the [...]

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Making a change in life

“I’m a proud father with my kids in college,” Jermaine shares, “but you know what? They told me they are proud of me for making this change in my life.” He is the father of five, 2 boys and 3 girls, ages 18-22 years. Jermaine found himself homeless after his grandmother passed away and he [...]

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Superheroes sometimes need help too

Skyler is a real-life superhero and goes by SkyMan. He feels a strong sense of serving his community through inspiration and peer support. Skyler’s sense of purpose as a real-life superhero and duty to help others is linked to the years he has spent struggling with sobriety and behavioral health issues. At 35 years old, [...]

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They got us a home

“MSC helped us a lot and is still helping us. They got us a home. Our MSC case manager is always the first person I call,” shared Takisha. In August 2018, Takisha’s family lost their apartment home to a fire. The fire started in another unit, but caused significant damage to the building. Takisha and [...]

Fighting to live

“I had to fight to live,” shares Ann.* At 27 years old, Ann left Honduras and immigrated to the United States to be with her husband. She left behind family, including several children. She also left behind years of abuse at the hands of her previous husband. Unfortunately, Ann found herself in a similar abusive [...]

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It meant the world to me

At 33 years of age, Alicia is focusing on getting her life back on track. Over the last several years, she has struggled with substance abuse issues, an abusive former partner, and the loss of custody of her two children, Justin and Kaylynn. Losing custody of her children sent Alicia spiraling out of control. She [...]

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Find Stability in her Sixties

Betty was a figure skater, headed to a professional career, when a fall during a double axle at 15 years of age changed her path forever. She grew up in California, and moved to Washington twenty years ago. She’s done many things in her life, including nursing and studying sign language interpretation. Twelve years ago, [...]

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Deann finds a path out of homelessness

At 64 years old, DeAnn found herself homeless after the love of her life passed away. She was sleeping in her car at a truck stop in Eastern Washington. She started making her way towards the Federal Way area to be closer to family, and resources like motels and campgrounds. As money became tighter, motels [...]

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A Place Like Titusville

A Place Like Titusville “If not for MSC, I could not have gotten my degrees, and could not be as employable as I am today,” says Shelly. Shelly has lived at MSC’s Titusville for the last six years. When she first moved in, she was newly sober after ten years of battling addiction [...]

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There is hope

There is hope “I just wanted to call to say thank you for being there,” said Lisa when she called MSC right before the holidays.  Lisa was in town visiting relatives when she drove past the MSC offices in Federal Way and was taken back to a different time in [...]

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