I have my family back

“I never dreamed I could be homeless. I could pay my rent and still have a couple grand sitting in the bank. I did that because I wanted to live comfortably, and I wanted my kids to live comfortably. Then all of that was gone, we didn’t have a place to live.” Veronica and her [...]

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Shoes or Heat?

“Sometimes it’s a choice between does my kid get shoes or do I pay the electric bill.” Sandy has been unable to work due to medical issues and is currently living in subsidized housing with her 11-year-old son. Her income is limited to government assistance of about $1,000 per month and an additional $130 for [...]

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Keeping Khadija Warm

"My monthly income barely pays for my rent. Without MSC's energy assistance program I don't know if I'd make it in the winter." Khadija is in her early sixties and worked up until 2006 when she developed medical issues that made it difficult for her to use her hands. She is now receiving Social Security [...]

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