Federal Way Youth Action Team

The Federal Way Youth Action Team (FWYAT) is a consortium of caring adults and organizations that partner together to provide authentic, impactful, and relevant youth development opportunities across the Federal Way community. FWYAT was implemented in response to a rise in community violence, a disproportionate number of school and police referrals to the juvenile justice system, and identified service gaps for youth at-risk in South King County. Multi-Service Center has an active role in this Federal Way consortium.

FWYAT’s vision for Federal Way is to be community where every youth has the opportunities, skills, and support they need to thrive. FWYAT stakeholders are committed to developing community driven responses to youth violence symptoms, creating systems of support for youth who may be the next victims, perpetrators, or at-risk for populating our juvenile justice system. These responses include:

  • POP (Positive Outcomes Program), a program of Multi-Service Center, service youth and young adults ages 12 to 24 that are typically overlooked or underserved, many of whom are at risk of interaction with the juvenile justice system. The program provides advocacy and support to help these youth meet their goals for the future. Download more info on MSC’s POP Program.
  • GOL (Game of Life), a “gateway program” to other services. This program is designed to reach and attract young people at risk through sports. GOL operates within a motivational interviewing framework to develop deeper relationships and assess and connect young people to needed services and supports. Facilitated by a counselor, coach, and consultant, GOL serves as a community based therapeutic intervention using credible messengers to motivate youth to their fullest potential. Download more info on the GOL Program.
  • HYPE (Helping Youth Perform Excellence) is a weekend program designed to support youth with barriers to success by participating in community projects and skill-building workshops that will support them in developing the necessary skills to discover their best self and contribute positively to our community. HYPE offers a menu of projects and workshops facilitated by diverse community professionals. The goal is to customize the programming to meet the needs of the referred group of youth at any given time. Download more info on theĀ HYPE Program.