“MSC has been there when I needed it,” shares Africa. Africa is mom to a 15 year old, and a 24 year old who is graduating from college this year. While she doesn’t need assistance very often, she sometimes seeks occasional help with her energy bill.

“There are periods of time when I need help,” she says. One of these times was January of this year when Africa hurt her back and was unable to work and need help with her energy bill. “MSC’s energy assistance program helped me resolve my debt, instead of having it having it standing over my head. It’s a tremendous supplement when I needed it the most.”

Africa earned her MBA in 2015 and has owned her own business creating wigs and weaves for clients for several years. Although she loves being creative and helping people, she really wanted to transition to a new career. “Doing hair has always been my back-up, go to career,” she said. She recently passed her real estate exam and is planning on starting a new career with a local brokerage.

“MSC’s atmosphere is inviting and the staff are caring and professional. They do their best to help you alleviate your issue,” shares Africa. “The people who support MSC’s programs can feel secure in knowing their dollars are helping families in need because you can trust MSC. They have helped me every time I have needed it and I know others they have helped as well.”