Finding Value

“Today, my sense of self, self-esteem, and confidence has risen 300% compared to when I first walked into MSC’s lobby for employment support. That’s because, in addition to the work exposure, I am regarded as a valuable being,” shared Bee Bee.

Bee Bee was familiar with MSC. She had used MSC’s food bank before, back in 2009 when her husband had lost his job. When she came back to the food bank again in 2013, it was because her husband had suddenly passed away, leaving her and two children.

When her survivor benefits were reduced in 2016, she still had her son living at home with her. Bills were starting to pile up and she started accruing late fees. Her husband had taken care of the finances before he passed, and he had financially supported the family.

Bee Bee knew she had to find a job that could support her and her son. She had worked previously, and has a Bachelor’s degree in business and marketing, but didn’t know where to start. “I have a lot to contribute,” she says, “but I need to do something that is more me.”

While visiting MSC’s clothing bank to donate clothes, she learned that MSC has employment programs that can help people just like her. She met with MSC’s RISE employment case manager. “My journey began from there onwards,” shared Bee Bee. “It’s like going for a long road trip and enjoying different scenic views along the way.”

Bee Bee was approved for the RISE work-based learning program and started a six-week preparation course. “I correlate those videos and group discussions to warm-up sessions that serious athletes must do to successfully complete their feat,” said Bee Bee. The next step in the program was a paid internship to help Bee Bee gain additional skills.

“The paid internship was a brilliant way of re-establishing my work ethic. I became more conscious of time management and prioritization. I also enjoyed the additional professional contacts and corporate trainings. This wouldn’t have happened without my RISE case manager orchestrating such opportunities for me,” shared Bee Bee.

Bee Bee, with the support of MSC, is currently looking for a full-time position. In the meantime, Bee Bee has been volunteering in the GED Lab helping students study for their GED tests and has enrolled with Orion to continue to improve her computer skills.

“As the recipient of social benefits, I hope to be in a position that is personally fulfilling and with comfortable finances so I can give back to the community,” shared Bee Bee.