“I’m a proud father with my kids in college,” Jermaine shares, “but you know what? They told me they are proud of me for making this change in my life.” He is the father of five, 2 boys and 3 girls, ages 18-22 years.

Jermaine found himself homeless after his grandmother passed away and he had only 11 days to move out of her house.  On a limited disability income, he had difficulties finding a place on his own. He spent some time staying at friends’ homes, but eventually started struggling with depression and found himself staying in parks and sleeping on park benches. He started to drink heavily as well.

Through a friend, he found out about MSC’s housing for men in recovery.  Jermaine moved into Horizon House about two and half years ago and found support and a sense of purpose.  At Horizon House, Jermaine found himself in a leadership role with the other men living in the house, and took the initiative to make sure that the house was running the best it could.  At Horizon House, Jermaine’s children were able to come and visit him.

“MSC has the best format for helping with housing, schooling, getting going in the right direction. They can help you communicate and get the help you need,” says Jermaine.

A few months ago, permanent housing came through for Jermaine and he moved to Seattle. He likes living on his own, but also misses Horizon House and the companionship of having roommates.