In early 2014, MSC completed the initial funding phase for a new Veterans Housing Project to serve low-income and homeless veterans. MSC expects to break ground on the project in early 2015 and anticipates the building will be ready for occupancy by the end of 2015.

This project was set in motion after MSC began seeing an increasing need for services for veterans in South King County a few years ago. According to the 2013 King County Veterans and Human Services Levy Report, 43% of our county’s veterans reside in South King County. Within King County, these veterans represent the largest number of veterans with disabilities, and the largest proportion of veterans facing poverty and financial emergencies. MSC’s housing project will provide permanent housing for those veterans who need it.

The roughly 13 million dollar housing facility is being developed in partnership with Shelter Resources Incorporated and will be located at 294th and Pacific Highway in Federal Way. The project will offer 44 one, two, and three bedroom units to veterans and their families. All units will be fully furnished and 27 units will be eligible for rental subsidies through the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs in collaboration with King County Housing Authority. Residents will pay rent based on poverty level guidelines.

Vital services will be offered onsite including housing case management, employment assistance, and child advocacy. In addition, classes in education, financial management, technology skills, and job readiness may be offered on-site. Offices will also be provided at the property for additional services such as outreach, mental health, and substance abuse counseling to be provided by partners such as the Department of Veterans Affairs and King County Veteran’s Program. Other amenities will include on-site parking, an exercise room, community rooms, computer labs, and security.

The Veterans Housing Project is possible due to the generous funding of the Washington State Department of Commerce Housing Trust Fund, King County Housing Finance Program, King County Veterans and Human Services Levy, King County Housing Authority, Federal Home Loan Bank (Umpqua Bank as the sponsor), the National Equity Fund in conjunction with the MetLife Foundation, LISC/Impact Capital, Bring Them Homes Initiative, The Home Depot Foundation, Washington Federal Bank,  tax credits through the Washington State Housing Finance Commission, and the generous resources of Multi-Service Center (MSC) and Shelter Resources, Inc.

MSC is thrilled to be able to offer service-enriched housing for those men and women who have served our country. King County veterans have identified housing and employment assistance as being amongst their greatest needs. This project not only provides high quality affordable housing but it also offers on-site services designed to help veterans who may be facing challenges such as re-entering the job market.