“I had to fight to live,” shares Ann.*

At 27 years old, Ann left Honduras and immigrated to the United States to be with her husband. She left behind family, including several children. She also left behind years of abuse at the hands of her previous husband.

Unfortunately, Ann found herself in a similar abusive situation in the United States, but also found herself homeless. She remarried a few years after moving here and had two more children. Her last husband passed away several years ago, leaving her with two kids who are now teenagers.

After struggling with homelessness for years, Ann finally connected with MSC and moved into MSC’s family shelter in early 2017. She found some stability but decided she needed to leave the program. She was still struggling. Then last December, Ann entered MSC’s family shelter program again. This time, she found the stability she needed and moved into a permanent affordable housing in February.

MSC was able to help her with her first month’s rent and security deposit, and also to ensure that her service dog was able to be in her new home. Ann’s children are doing well in school and enjoying their new home which included furnishings provided by Humble Designs Seattle, a local organization that helps those transitioning out of homelessness transform their empty house into a warm, welcoming home.

Ann has shared with her case manager that her goals include finding employment, going to school and earning her high school diploma because she only got to the equivalent of fifth grade in Honduras, and also to have enough income to help support her family and children in Honduras.

Ann’s case manager shared “Ann’s success is her perseverance. She never gave up. She is a doting mother and her children are her pride and joy.”


*Name has been changed.