“MSC helped us a lot and is still helping us. They got us a home. Our MSC case manager is always the first person I call,” shared Takisha.

In August 2018, Takisha’s family lost their apartment home to a fire. The fire started in another unit, but caused significant damage to the building. Takisha and her family stayed in a hotel for a few weeks, and then moved in temporarily to the model unit at the apartment complex, and eventually into another unit at the complex. After a few weeks, the complex gave her an option of moving to a permanent unit; however, they also wanted increased her rent for the new unit.

During this time of housing instability, Takisha lost her job because she had spent so much time dealing with her housing issues. Takisha, her husband, and four kids were evicted and found themselves homeless. They started staying in local motels while looking for permanent housing, but things got worse when her husband also lost his job.

Takisha learned about MSC from her cousin. She contacted MSC and met with a case manager. Takisha’s case manager helped her find permanent housing. MSC was able to help with the application fee and some move in costs. Takisha’s case manager also helped connect her family to other resources in the community.

Takisha and her husband are looking for work, and in the meantime, MSC continues to provide assistance to help keep them stably housed. Takisha has also been able to connect with MSC’s energy assistance program and food bank to supplement resources for her family during this time. Takisha’s husband has also started working with an MSC case manager on his employment goals.

“Out of all the organizations I dealt with, MSC is the one that is still here with me, making sure we’re all okay,” said Takisha.