Betty was a figure skater, headed to a professional career, when a fall during a double axle at 15 years of age changed her path forever. She grew up in California, and moved to Washington twenty years ago. She’s done many things in her life, including nursing and studying sign language interpretation. Twelve years ago, some medical issues prompted the start of her housing instability.

Now 62 years old, Betty has found stability in one of MSC’s affordable permanent housing properties for seniors. Betty previously had found herself in an unsafe housing situation that she needed to leave. She packed up all her things and stored them at her church, but had a hard time finding housing with her housing voucher and found herself homeless.

Through MSC and the Path to Home Program, Betty was able to stay in a hotel until her apartment opened up at MSC’s housing facility on January 1. She’s still unpacking, but she, and her 10-year-old cat Jasper, are happy to now have a stable, safe place to live.

Betty looks forward to getting a part-time job or volunteering in the community. She wants to stay active and get involved with helping others.

“It’s been so nice since we moved in and people have been welcoming and bringing me care packages. This housing is a blessing,” shared Betty.