“The world has gotten crazy,’” shares Francisca. “Every bit of help counts. Everyone needs a time to get back on their feet and this housing helps a lot of people.”

Francisca and Javan met in 2003 at a treatment center. Both were battling homelessness and substance abuse issues. Through the following years they continued to experience periods of homelessness and sporadic employment.

As a veteran struggling with homelessness, Javan and his family qualified to move in to MSC’s William J. Wood (WJW) Veterans House. Javan served in the Navy for four years during the late
nineties until 2001. Javan and Francisca, along with their four children ages 7-13, were one of the first families to move in to WJW when it opened in December 2016.

“When we first got here, I was looking at all the stuff that was here. There was food in the kitchen, dishes, even cleaning supplies,” shares Francisca.

“I opened the closet doors, yelled at Francisca to come look at this, then sat at the table speechless,” shares Javan. “We even had our own washer and dryer.”

“We’ve been able to get our kids and ourselves back on track,” says Francisca. “We don’t have to figure out where we’re going to stay anymore so we can do what we need to do to not be in that situation again.”

“I’m a worrier,” says Javan. “I need security for my family, for my kids. Being a father is the best job I’ve ever had. Now I think I’m doing good enough with the issues I have.”

Francisca and Javan hope to one day get married and have a small home of their own. Francisca would like to become a peer support specialist. Talking about his journey at WJW, Javan smiles as he shares, “It’s like a restoration of hope and faith. I look forward to doing great things.”