“At times it can be difficult to be a champion for someone who doesn’t see it for themselves and some people don’t have any support,” Julie shares. “But, when you see people have success and know it will have lasting effects on their whole family, including their children, it’s all worth it.”

As MSC’s Employment Program Coordinator, Julie helps people seeking employment create a game plan. She provides mentorship and guidance for individuals 18 years of age or older who are receiving SNAP benefits. In addition to helping people create resumes and cover letters, Julie also helps them with skills development, mock interviews, and connecting them with training

A lot of her work also involves navigating resources and barrier reduction. “It’s difficult to be successful in a job if you have all these other things working against you,” she shares. “That’s a part of my work I really enjoy, helping to remove those barriers like housing instability or transportation issues.”

MSC’s employment program can also provide funds for bus tickets, special certifications and licenses, and clothing for both interviews or job specific needs like work boots or a uniform.

Julie joined the MSC staff three years ago after earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from UW Tacoma. She had worked in retail, and saw herself doing something different that would make a greater impact on her community. She learned about an opportunity to help others at MSC from a classmate. This was her opportunity to empower and help people live their best life.

“One of the clients that sticks with me the most is a woman who was living in a domestic violence situation, “ shares Julie. “I was able to help her build her skills by supporting her education and licensing in her chosen field. She is now working full-time in that field and escaped the abusive situation she was living in. She is healthy, happy, and looks like a different person.”